Finance Business Partnering workshops in collaboration with Noggin

At Think Forwards we recognise that delivering best practice in Finance Business Partnering requires finance professionals to build different relationships with clients. To be an empowered and valuable business partner who can optimize growth and profitability emotional competence is key. We have teamed up with Noggin to create full day workshops to help your team of finance professionals develop and enhance these skills.


Our Solution

We build the participants emotional competence and make it situational i.e preparing individuals for anything they encounter. We raise individuals self awareness and introduce relevant communication techniques. We establish habitual “in the moment” ability through reinforcement and practice using scenarios relevant to finance business partnering. 

  • Initiating - How to initiate dialogue effectively, capture attention and build rapport

  • Inquiring - How to find out what’s really going on for someone and respond accordingly

  • Influencing - How to use what you have learnt about a situation to create influence


We run full day workshops on “Emotional Competence for Finance Business Partners” that will involve initiating, inquiring and influencing skills. The workshop style is group coaching - based on scenario practice in 3 way coaching sets. Optional surgery sessions will then follow as required. 


  • Highly personalised learning that delivers tangible improvements in behaviour

  • Individuals who are confident and have the presence to initiate, inquire and influence

  • An increase in client engagements and a deepening of existing client and stakeholder relationships

  • A highly relevant and flexible solution for the organisation’s requirements


Find out how Noggin are on a mission to make complex human interactions
simple for better, more productive interactions and business performance.

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